Q: I’m having issues placing my order online, what do I do?
A- If you experience issues placing an order, we need to know about it! You can give us a call at (302) 677-1010, Monday to Saturday 9A-10P (EST), and we can help you place it by phone. Make sure to tell us the issues you experienced when you call! We like to get these things fixed right away.

Q: How much is shipping?
A- Shipping is calculated at checkout.

Q: How fast is shipping?
A- If you order normal shipping it takes 2 to 3 days to ship your package out.

Q: How fast is your rush shipping?
A- Usually if the next day is a business day you will get it sent out the next day. If it is a weekend or a holiday then you will get your package sent out on the next business day.

Q: When will my order ship?
A- Digital orders are delivered within 24 hours. Domestic orders are shipped with 24-48 business hours. International orders may experience a slight delay (customer pays all shipping fees). If your order requires reproduction, you will be notified; which may delay shipping.

Q: When my order is shipped will I get a tracking number.
A- Yes when your order is sent you will get a tracking number automatically sent to your email address you have provided. So please be sure to give us the right email address so you will be able to track it. If you have not received tracking info then your order has not been shipped.

Q: What does it mean when a product is on backorder
A- That means that your product is currently being restocked but its not in stock yet. Meaning that you are preordering it to get it when it is in stock.

Q: What does it mean when I order a product rush but its on backorder?
A- That means that when your product is back in stock your order is priority over the people who have ordered the same product with regular shipping. So you will still get rush but only when it is physically back in stock.

Q: Why hasn’t my order been shipped yet?
A- It could be for many reasons. 1. Your address is invalid and we have contacted you but you haven’t responded. 2. Because your order is on backorder and it hasn’t been sent out yet because its not back in stock. 3. Because you paid for regular shipping and its still processing. 4. Because your item is a downloadable item and you haven’t downloaded it.

Q: What does it mean when I order products that aren’t on backorder but one is on backorder that is in my order?
A- That means that your whole order will be shipped out when it is available in its entirety. We suggest you order the items that are in stock together and the order that is on backorder separately if you wish to receive your order faster.

Q: How long till the HARITAKI is back in stock?
A- Very hard to tell the Haritaki is a very high volume product we ship it out as the shipment comes back in stock. When you order it you are sure to get it but to wait for it is the best option for it. That way you will ensure you get it when your spot in line comes up with your order. When we get a shipment those orders are already fulfilled.

Q: How do I get in contact with Coach Reggie Aka Mr In10sity?
A- You book a consult located on the homepage of the website and ask any questions that you need to ask when you book a consult with him.

Q: Why is it so much to ship overseas? And how long does it take for the package to get to me?
A- In10sity charges the customer what USPS charges In10sity. It varies for different countries for how long it takes to get to you. Its hard to tell as different countries have different forms of customs.

Q: How do I download an item if it was a downloadable purchase?
A- After purchase visit your account section located on the website after you sign in. Go to the downloads link and download the document that you purchased.

Q- How do I know what best soaps there are to use?
A: You must try them in bundles so you know what the best soap is for you. For everyone has a different preference for what they want, you must choose what you like.

Q: What Timezone is In10sity Fitness located in?
A- In10sity is located in eastern standard time.

Q- What happens if my coupon code doesn’t work for me.
A: If your coupon code does not qualify it will not work, but in the instance it does and its not working simply enter it in notes and we will investigate when we receive the order.